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Red Roots Farm is a sustainable farming project near Silk Hope, NC.  We’ve been growing no-spray vegetables for ourselves since 2009, added a small flock of chickens and guinea fowl in 2013, and decided to scale up to a market garden for the 2014 season.

We don’t yet have any land of our own, so we’re currently vegetables on about 2 acres of leased property near Siler City.  Eventually, we hope to purchase several acres in Chatham County where Red Roots Farm can have a permanent home.

The Land

Here in Chatham County, and other parts of central North Carolina where heavy clay soils dominate, red land is prized for its superior drainage compared to other clays.  The red color sticks to everything — shoes, tools, vegetables — so it seemed only fitting to call our farm Red Roots.

The Farmers

Jason is a Chatham County native, raised with an appreciation for small-scale agriculture and a love of the outdoors.  He graduated from CCCC in 2014 with an Associate’s Degree in Sustainable Agriculture.

Kristen holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography from UNC.  With a knack for tinkering with and repairing everything from electrical motors to irrigation systems, Kristen is the resident problem solving expert.