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Building a Shiitake Inoculation Table

jas painting whole thing

Kristen designed this simple set-up for making the shiitake log work much easier.  Now we can roll the logs down to the next work station assembly-line style with no bending over.  It’s just a pair of sawhorses with a frame that fits on top that holds the logs at working height.  We installed some lawnmower wheels at one end so the logs can be easily rotated while drilling.  Great idea, but I spaced them out just a bit too far, so the smallest logs won’t spin.  I’ll definitely get those wheels spaced properly before next year’s log crop.

log on wheels 

2014’s crop of shiitake logs has been completed!  Kristen and I finished inoculating more than 50 white oak logs with three different strains of shiitake spawn last week.  We used warm weather, cool weather, and wide range strains with the hopes of maximizing the timeframe over which we will harvest next season.  Luckily, we finished up and got the logs laid in their bedding area just before the recent downpour and cold snap.  If all goes well we should have plenty of fresh shiitakes for sale in the late summer or early fall.  Big thanks to Tony Foxx who helped us fell the trees.      

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