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From the Table

One of the many reasons we started growing our own food is that we love to eat!  Fresh-from-the-garden vegetables offer flavor and variety that grocery stores just can’t match.  While many of our meal preparations start out the same way (sauté pan: olive oil, onions, garlic, something from today’s harvest), we’re building up a collection of our favorite recipes to share.  Below you’ll find links to the original blog post for each recipe, as well as a printable recipe card.

Basic Greens     blog

Carrot Soup with Lime and Ginger     blog     pdf

Hibiscus/Thai Red Roselle Tea     blog     pdf

Kale Chips     blog

Pumpkin Butter     blog     pdf

Shishito Peppers     pdf

Toasted Walnut Pesto     blog     pdf

Zucchini Bread     pdf